Front marker lights are typically mounted below or to the side of the vehicle’s normal headlights. They serve the purpose of making the vehicle visible to oncoming drivers or for a driver to see if a vehicle is following them


Rear Blackout Lights

Rear marker lights or blackout taillights are typically housed in the same unit as the vehicles taillights, and are the main tool in keeping the proper following distance in nighttime convoy driving.

Convoy Lamp

Convoy Lamps are mounted on the driver’s side of the vehicle, typically on the fender. They give off a diffused beam of white light that takes the place of regular headlights when driving under blackout conditions. It is intended to give off just enough light for the driver to make their way. Convoy Lamps are also hooded, making the light only able to be seen when looking up at it.


Jumper Cable (16mm2)

A jumper cable has a thick electrical cable size 16mm2 with tight, thick copper clamps at each end. These cables are used to head start a car or another type of vehicle by connecting the battery that went out of service due to discharge.

12 Pin Socket Assembly

This is a electrical connector between vehicle and a trailer. It is helps to supply automotive lighting and to control the trailer. This socket is installed in vehicle & consist of 12 pined wires which are usually referred by alphabet. Each pin has a different working.

12 Pin Assembly With Spiral Cable

This is a Spiral Cable with a 12 pin socket and 12 pins at each end. This cable is used for suppling power to the heavy duty tailers.

Inspection Lamp

It is a long wired lamp with battery clamps at each ends. It can be directly connected with battery while working in dark.

Map Reading Light

Map reading light is installed on passenger side dashboard or inside the glove compartment of the vehicle. It is used for reading maps in sufficient light.


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